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25th September 2016

There was no better idea for a solar couple like Melissa and Kevin, than setting their wedding on the background of the Lake of Como. Arriving from the US, the bride and groom were welcomed in the prestigious Villa del Balbianello in Laglio, a location in perfect harmony with their way of being: she full of enthusiasm with a radiant smile that accompanied every moment of the preparations; he very kind, cultivated and super ... in love!
Captivated by the natural beauties of the Lake of Como, Kevin and Melissa preferred not to introduce any additional element to the ceremony setting: no flowers nor chairs.
After the wedding ceremony the guests reached the restaurant in a typical boat on the Lake of Como, cheered by hearty festive toasts. The reception began with an aperitif in the garden of the restaurant and continued with dinner. The wedding planners, on recommendation of the couple, prepared a place setting in elegant rustic flavour. A rough wooden table served as basis for the beautiful glass tablemats, which seemed to reflect the bright lights of the candles placed on the top. And at its centre a very long eucalyptus garland, which gave an unusual charm and touch.
Great applause for the cake chosen by the couple: a "typical Italian cake", that is, a top of millefeuille with soft fruit. A hit!
The celebration continued at dead of night with wild dancing of the newlyweds and their guests, of course with the fascination of the lake on the background.

lago di como villa balbianello 25.09.2016

4th July 2016

The irrepressible joy of Anastasia and Kevin accompanied every moment of their wedding. The couple arrived from the United States to get married in one of the most charming location on the Lake of Como: Villa Pizzo, in Cernobbio. A historic villa surrounded by beautiful gardens and with a charming terrace overlooking the lake and the mountains. And where none other than John Legend and Chrissy Teigen pronounced their "I do"!
Anastasia and Kevin chose green and white as event leitmotif, to be in harmony with the surroundings.
Dinner was enlivened by a live musical entertainment and there were the speeches of friends and relatives between one course and another. There was an electric atmosphere on the dance floor with guests who danced wearing flip-flops, kindly offered by the couple. But the most touching moment was when the groom performed a song dedicated to the bride ... everybody dissolving into tears!
The cutting of the wedding cake of enormous dimensions was accompanied by a series of fireworks coming from the Lake of Como.
Anastasia and Kevin's wedding has been around the world and there have been reviews on American blogs, like the one of stylemepretty

lago di como villa pizzo 04.07.2016

1st september 2016

Kristina and Aleksander is a young Finnish couple who chose the Lake of Como as a setting for their wedding. The wedding planners took care of every detail to welcome the bride and groom in the beautiful Villa Regina Teodolinda, a historic mansion overlooking the lake.
The bride and groom and their witnesses granted themselves a bit of time to get ready in the luxurious shabby chic style rooms of the villa.
A drink under the gazebo welcomed the guests before the ceremony. Delicate white compositions with silk drapes floating in the wind were chosen for the floral decorations. At strategic points, the wedding planners placed the freshest flowers in soft colours: white, ivory and peach, green dotted. And the wedding dress was admired for its sparkling of stones, crystals and beads, echoing the enchantment of the waters of Lake Como.
The ceremony, full of authentic emotions, was followed by an aperitif accompanied by typical Italian products. Guests were then seated around a long Imperial table, prepared with silver branched candlesticks and stone vases with bouquets of peach and ivory-coloured flowers. A myriad of lights enveloped the hall, creating a fabulous atmosphere. The same scene was the background for the first dance of the newlyweds, with music that touched all the guests, including the wedding planners.

lago di como villa regina teodolinda matrimonio 01.09.2016

30 ottobre 2015

The American blog, an international keynote reference for the coolest trends in the wedding world, published a long reportage of an event organized by the wedding planners of Italian Easy Wedding. This hugely supports the quality of our job, allowing to spread to the worldwide visitors the news of the peculiar and exclusive distinctions of the service we provide. The wonderful shooting by Darya Kamalova, with a detailed description, portray the most significant moments of the event, organized against the background of a Lake Como villa. All explains that even the smallest detail – from the wedding dress to the flower decorations, from the banquet preparation to the choice of prevailing colors – was organized with skill, fancy and a lot of passion.
To enjoy the blissful American blog presentation, click on

Two dreams locations on Lake Como

It's easy to fall in love with Lake Como, above all if you choose to get married in two of its most enchanting locations: Villa del Balbianello and Villa d’Este. It is just here where Benny and Sacha celebrated their wedding, a much harmonized couple, who I had the pleasure to meet about 9 months before their "I do".
Sacha fell immediately in love of villa del Balbianello, set on a hill overlooking the lake, of its well-tended gardens in any details, of its sculptures, of those views that only Lake Como can offer. The guests arrived by ferry boat and had in this way the opportunity to admire the surrounding beauties. After the exchange of the rings in the loggia of the villa, the newly-weds and their guests headed (always by boat) for the Grand 'Hotel of Villa d’Este, where a sumptuous dinner was waiting for them in blue and fuchsia shimmering and intense colours. There were very particular moments during dinner, like the dance of the newly-weds. The intervention of an Indian dancer brought everyone back to the homeland of the bride, enveloping the room with colours and music, typical of that country.
Benny and Sacha made their guests accommodate on the terrace for the cutting of the cake. The celebrations then continued at the Music Club of Villa d'Este, where everybody flared up in wild dances until late at night.

trailer wedding Sasha

22 agosto 2015

Once upon a time...
Lake, gardens, an exclusive villa and a myriad of white balloons ... That is what the couple totally in love wanted to have as their own fairytale wedding on the Lake Maggiore.
The ceremony took place in the villa with a lake view, under the beautiful tree that was covered all over with pink and white ribbons, petals and crystals that, thanks to their luster, created a sparkling effect.
Once the ceremony finished, guests were letting white baloons fly away while the passage of the newlyweds.
Dinner took place under the marquee where the round tables were set up with silver candlesticks together with ivy and white flowers, decorated also with small candles and silver underplates.
For cutting the cake all the guests were back to the place of ceremony, meanwhile, that has changed with addition of sofas, open bar and the main point the cake – which was under the tree lighten with lamps and surrounded by lanterns. The newlyweds and their friends have danced into the night in the garden overlooking the lake.


18 luglio 2015

Perfection in everything, even in the smallest details. This was the briefing we got from a very cheerful couple, which wanted to give maximum importance to the style of their marriage to charm their guests and make this day unforgettable. As location was chosen a beautiful villa on the Lake Como.
We devoted ourselves not only to the organization of the timing of marriage but also to the effects. The beautiful bride, in a mermaid dress, reached the villa on the waves, carried by a typical boat of the place called "La Lucia". We have also organized a lake tour on the boat for guests, who arrived on the villa before the bride.
During the ceremony the couple promised each other eternal love under a riot of flowers, crystals, pearls and satin ribbons coloured white, powder pink, green and peach.
After the toast, the dinner continued on the upper part of the villa on the imperial table. New details such as vases in gold and light mint lace runner added charm and class to a table that has left everyone speechless.
The cut of the cake was another moment full of emotions. We have set up a sky of candles under the gazebo of evergreen plants and cake, with all its imposing decoration of sugar paste and flowers, it has excelled as a sparkling jewel.


12th July

A young Russian couple expressed a desire to celebrate their wedding in a gorgeous and very scenographic place. The choice of location fell on the beautiful Castle of Zoagli (Liguria, Italy), where the couple celebrated and hosted their guests.
As dominant colors the bride has chosen ivory and fucsia, two colors constantly present in all large and impressive flower arrangements. There were two white vases with colorful flowers to welcome the entrance of bride and groom to the ceremony. The dinner was held on the terrace of the castle with breathtaking view on the gulf. Each table was set with candles, which increased in intensity while the sunset, giving a magical atmosphere. After dinner, the final twist: beautiful fireworks have, for a few minutes, lit the bay and charmed all the guests.
We were very satisfied with the success of this marriage and of how we were able to fulfill desires of the couple in such a special day.
Photo: © Darya Kamalova


13 settembre 2014


Here are some shots of the beautiful wedding of Julia and Stuart. The couple coming from Moscow has chosen as the location of their wedding Lake Como, with its beautiful natural scenery.
The preparations of the bride and the groom started in Grand'Hotel Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, one of the most famous and charming hotels in the world. In one of the rooms, Julia wore her fairy dress and was coiffed and made up, while Stuart dressed up in another room. The ceremony took place in a magnificent villa not far from the hotel. The terrace overlooking the lake welcomed the guests who were waiting for Julia while being entertained by background music played by skilled violinists. The bride accompanied by her father came to the villa cradled by the waves of the lake on a boat Lucia, typical for this area. On the terrace, the couple has promised to love each other eternally. The celebration continued with an aperitif in the beautiful Italian garden of the villa, which was followed by dinner and the first dance of the newlyweds, always with a view of the lake. For cutting of the cake a particular angle of the villa was chosen, where the couple attended along with their guests in a show of fireworks, organized for the occasion.
It was undoubtedly an unforgettable wedding, that was able to captivate all the guests with its context of absolute prestige.
Photo © Marina Muravnik



30 agosto 2014

These are the photographs of a bridal couple who had long desired to hold their wedding in Italy, a country much loved by both.
The idea was to organise a small reception with just a few people and so it was. A villa on Lake Como, with a garden and swimming pool, was the setting for a wonderful ceremony celebrated under an archway of flowers with plants, fruit and elegant surroundings making this an unforgettable wedding. Photo by Katya Alagich:


3 maggio 2014

This was the wedding of a young couple from Bellinzona who were accompanied to the altar by their one year old daughter. The ceremony was held in their home town where they currently live. The chapel, small and intimate, welcomed a hundred guests from Switzerland and southern Italy.
The dominant colour chosen was red. Small red roses peeked out from the pews welcoming the arrival of the bride and her future husband.
The reception, as requested by the couple, was held on the Swiss-Italian border near Varese in an extremely contemporary building. Because of the uncertain weather conditions, refreshments were organised in the courtyard instead of the garden. The wedding dinner was held in the upper salon and accompanied by typical southern Italian dances. The wedding cake, also vermilion red, was then cut in the garden accompanied by congratulatory applause for the newly-weds.


25 settembre 2013

This wedding was an example of charm and refinement against a background of colours chosen by the bride: ivory, pale pink, peach and natural greenery.
A triumphant display of flowers decorated the church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Capolago: within the church soft cushions of flowers and candles festooned the balustrades. The couple, young and beautiful, bestowed a magical atmosphere on the ceremony which touched all the participants.
Following the service there were refreshments after which the bridal couple, in a white carriage, and all the guests departed for a villa near Mendrisio to continue the celebrations.
The dinner at round tables, held in an affrescoed salon, was accompanied by various speeches from the parents, relatives and friends of the couple. Afterwards, Elisa and Andrea opened the dancing with their moving and romantic first dance.


20 luglio 2013

This bridal couple opted for a civil wedding ceremony at Lugano's registry office. Only the parents, some of their relatives and a few close friends attended the actual ceremony. The reception was held in a beautiful villa on the shores of Lake Como along the famous pathway of Villa Olmo. This was not a traditional wedding feast but rather what we could call "a chic garden barbecue". Following the aperitifs accompanied by canapés, at around 8pm the chefs brought out the barbecue grills and began preparing delicious and tasty dishes for the couple and their guests. This was definitely a somewhat atypical wedding but one which met with a resounding success for both the bridal couple and their guests. The temperature as still pleasant after the sun went down and then the best men and bridesmaids organised an open air video beside the swimming pool.........very moving!
As the paper lanterns were lit this was the signal to begin the dancing, the opening of the bar and the throwing of the confetti.


15 marzo 2013

Italian Easy Wedding planners not only design and organise, down to the minutest detail, your dream wedding, they are also experienced illustrators. Place your trust in them and watch them create, on paper, small figurines of your wedding gown, floral arrangements for the reception or for a spectacular buffet....Let yourselves be guided, stroke after stroke, in the choice of all those small details which will make your wedding truly unique: you will be astounded by their creativity.


3 febbraio 2013


ItalianEasyWedding has accepted with joy the important responsibility to organize marriages in a location which is more unique than rare. The place is a private island available for very exclusive events, surrounded by nature and by the peaceful waters of a little lake, a few kilometers away from Milan and Como. Given the peculiarity of the setting, Iew takes special care that its staff does not disturb the the animal species present on the island, and that the quiet and intimacy of this place are fully respected during the setting up of the wedding. The scenario here is exceptional, and so is the love and the accuracy used by the agency in realizing events that are always successful.


4 gennaio 2013


ItalianEasyWedding has started to collaborate with an experienced and talented new photographer, whose photos are real reportages capable to capture in each snapshot the magic and the emotions of the moment.
We are happy for this new entry, and we invite our brides to enjoy Saras' marvelous creations.


14 novembre 2012


Wedding planner Margherita Orlandi of EasyWedding has been invited to the radio transmission Piattoforte, on air on RSI. Here, every day a chef realizes a different dish for different occasions, also interacting with the guests at the transmission. Margerita has been invited to several episodes as expert of etiquette and wedding planning, explaining how to organize preparations suitable to different situations. She had the possibility to interact with the guests and to answer their questions while, with patience and clarity, she explained the rules for a perfect mise en place of the table.


16 dicembre 2012


This documentary by art director Michael Beltrami of RSI, has been realized to narrate stories of women, to tell vicissitudes, mistakes, delights and pains of the "other half of the sky". Since the documentary is composed of interviews to women, the connection with love is nothing but natural. Hence, the director's choice to insert the theme of the marriage and of conjugal life -wonderful but not always easy. Wedding planner Margherita Orland made herself available to tell, through her working experience, the story of different and unique marriages, and to talk about love from her own point of view, as a woman who organizes the couple's very special day.


24 marzo 2012


Iew is proud of having organized a special marriage characterized by a mix of distant cultures, European and Asian; the bride and the bridegroom were indeed a japanese girl and an italian young man.
The party, simple but elegant, took place in a castle near Como, where a wing had been set up with lights, flowers and candles that created an extremly charming atmosphere. But the real richness of this marriage were the guests, coming from everywhere in the world. Iew organized transports and accomodation for them, who surely went back home with a luggage of unforgettable memories!




15 aprile 2012


Iew was charged with organizing a marriage in Scotland of a Swiss couple in love with the celtic culture. Five months before the fateful "yes", the agency took care of everything: the location, a beautiful Scottish castle, the rooms for the guests, the menu in perfect celtic style. On the day of the cerimony, the agency provided the sacred objects for the cerimony (the horn, the stones, the incenses...), set up the place outside the building of the cerimony with benches, petals and ribbons, and took care of the evening party that, after a standing dinner, went on with a wild dance with celtic music played by a Scottish group. A real celtic marriage... where nothing was left to chance!


February 14, 2012

Our wedding planner Margherita on Radio Swiss Rete 3, you have to listen her advices... And have a good San Valentine to everyone!!!


January 20, 2012


The weekly "Extra" supplement of the daily Corriere del Ticino, interviewed Margaret Orlandi, wedding planner for ITALIANEASYWEDDING.

September 22, 2011

Margherita Orlandi, wedding planner of ITALIANEASYWEDDING, interviewed by the Italian Swiss RadioSeptember 21, 2011.
"Baobab" is the program of study that talks about the Three network environment, society, music, cinema, entertainment, school, trends, etc..,
Completely view of the world's youth, who this time has chosen to explore the theme wedding.


September 11, 2011

This beautiful location is situated on the shores of Lake Como. Villa in the green park, by position, overlooking the lake. A central building and a lovely ivy-covered loggia with a balcony that overlooks the calm and suggestive waters .. also ideal for cutting of the cake!
In a park is now well protected and carries with it the charm ofthis unique home. Thisone is the ideal place for the realization of your unique wedding .. .


September 1, 2011

Verona, Art Hotel Biblos – Villa Amistà.
A true "Italian Style" wedding taken from Marco, our filmaker.


August 14, 2011


ITALIAN EASY WEDDING has partnered with MAP JAZZ, training of professional musicians (Conservatory graduates and trained in School of Jazz) individually engaged artistic project and large-scale concerts like performances at local jazz clubs, theaters and festivals jazz.
Animated by a passion for music, and knowing that the perfect realization of a Musical Event for Marriage brings together the artistic and creative organization.
The group provides the couple all their know how and extensive experience in the production of musical events such as wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events.
The MAP performs Jazz in the most sought after and exclusive locationsof Northern and Central Italy: ancient villas, historical residences and castles. The taste for elegance, refinement and musical choices more suited to the finesse of the contexts where they are located events, a preference for harmony and aesthetics characterize the personal and professional choices of individual artists that are proposed in map jazz for your reception.
Listen to the Map Jazz:

Ask informations about Jazz :

July 24, 2011

ItalianEasyWedding offers the top in every region of Italy. Exclusive location on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. A splendid abbey converted into a venue for receptions. An arcade complete and architecturally renovated offers an intimate space and beautifully arranged. The gardens, in the italian style, are the place to stroll and support for the incomparable view of the sea.